Our Story

It all started in the great city of Toulouse, France, where we were having dinner with our friend Jerome. Jerome is a native of Toulouse, and he made a sudden plan to play bowling and have dinner. We quickly made our way to a restaurant without any reservation. It so happened that the restaurant was full, and we had to wait for quite some time. Right at that moment, an idea sparked about a global platform for reservations, which would show the real-time availability at such places. The very next day, we started working on it. Thank God, we could come up with an awesome mobile app! :)


A product of InDreamer OÜ, Estonia
JiffyBook vision for 2021 is to connect a business and its customers. JiffyBook 1.0 shows real-time availability of people, products & services in a business and allows the customers to make instant reservations. It gives a room for proactive management of business-customer visits by replacing calls, emails and chats with a digital booking platform.
JiffyBook vision for 2022 is to build relationships. Start using JiffyBook now, and be a pro before JiffyBook 2.0 arrives!